We stock a wide variety of structural steel, including  round and rectangular tube, flat plate, steel angles, and wide flange beams ready to be cut, primed, and delivered to your job.  For structural concrete slabs, we stock composite pan decking and 3 sizes of rebar to cover most slab and concrete wall applications. We offer custom fabrication and welding in-house or on-site.  And if you aren’t quite sure what you need, we have a structural engineer available to help size and detail the right solution for your job.


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Steel Beam Size Chart

W4x13 through W36x210

Columns & Lintels

Adjustable Column Capacity & Brick Lintel Spans


We keep a regular inventory of the most common sizes of steel beams found in today’s houses so we can frequently provide next day delivery. Even unusually large steel beams can be ordered, fabricated, and delivered in about a week.   If a wood beam is too large or not practical for your project, speak to our engineering department about using steel as a solution.  We can provide steel beams to eliminate closely spaced columns for a modular home or drill and fill the side of a steel beam with wood to allow joists or trusses to be hung from the side with standard joist hangers.


Whether you call them pipe and tube or hollow structural sections (HSS), we regularly supply contractors with the columns they need for their project.  We can make just about any shape column adjustable up to a 40,000lb capacity, and we can provide custom brackets or saddles on top to support any size wood or steel beam.  If you have a special situation on your project, talk to our engineering department about the most cost-effective way to solve it.

Angles and Flat Plate

Openings in brick and stone walls require steel lintels for support. We stock common lintel sizes in widths from 3.5″ to 6″.  Also, we keep a large selection of 1/8″ through 1″ flat plate in our yard for common items such as “flitch” beams, bearing plates, or shims.  We also can cut custom shapes out of flat plate steel using a CNC plasma table.  Talk to a salesman to find out how we can create the parts you need.

Steel for Concrete

From footings and foundation walls to basement and porch slabs, reinforcing steel or rebar is what keeps it together.   We have 3/8″, 1/2″, and 5/8″ rebar in stock in 20′ lengths, or we can cut and bend it to your specifications.  For suspended slabs for porches and garages with open space below, we stock 1.5″ and 3″ galvanized composite pan decking to provide large, un-shored spans while the concrete cures.  For floor slab reinforcement, we carry welded wire fabric in both rolls and sheets.