One way to add a real, rustic feel to a project is to incorporate timber beams and columns.  We regularly supply timbers in Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine, and Western Red Cedar in either rough or smooth finish.   For greater flexibility in available dimensions and shapes (like arches or curves) consider using glue-laminated timbers, or glulams. Not only are glulams less susceptible to checking and splitting that occurs in timbers as they dry, they provide greater structural capacity than timbers and an aesthetically pleasing alternative to LVL beams in exposed situations.  Glulams offer many surface options from a rough industrial finish to architectural finish ready to be stained and left exposed.  Glulams are also an excellent option for exterior applications like decks and pergolas when made from pressure treated Southern pine or Alaskan yellow cedar.  With so many choices available, let our engineering department guide you to the right product for your project.


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Boozer Beam

Glulam Beam Guide

Boozer Beam

Glulam Column Guide

Boozer Beam

Treated Glulam Guide


Glulams are fabricated by laminating layers of dimensional lumber to achieve larger and stronger beams than are available in conventional timbers.  This fabrication process opens up the opportunity to create custom shapes and sizes and provides unique solutions like curved porch beams or arched timber bridges.  Appearance options for glulams include industrial grade, where aesthetics are not most important, and architectural appearance grade, where the final product will likely be stained and left exposed.  And while LVL beams are frequently used to create wide open spaces for interior applications, pressure treated glulams offer similar capabilities for exterior decks.

Give our sales counter a call for more information about what sizes are readily available or speak with our engineering department for help selecting an appropriate solution.


Timber posts up to 8×8 and beams up to 6×12 are readily available with a quick turn-around.  Even larger sizes of timbers are available from our timber suppliers as custom orders.  Species options include Douglas Fir, Southern Pine, and Western Red Cedar which also can be specified as rough or S4S and ranging in moisture contents from S-GRN to Kiln-Dry.